Portere vs prendere



what is the difference between "portere" and "prendere"? can you provide me with some sentences as examples so that I can differentiate the usage of these verbs?

Grazie :)

Lucia - Rocket Languages Tutor

Hi Jemma,

Portare means to bring or to wear.
Devo portare una bottiglia di vino? - Shall I bring a wine bottle?
Mattia porta sempre i pantaloncini. - Mattia always wears shorts.
Vuoi un bicchiere d'acqua? Te lo porto subito. - You want a glass of water? I'm bringing it to you right now.

Prendere means to take, to catch, to grab.
Elisa prende una bottiglia di vino dallo scaffale. - Elisa takes a wine bottle from the shelf.
Marco prende l'autobus per andare a scuola. - Marco catches the bus to go to school.
Ho preso il raffreddore! - I cought a cold!

Hope this helps!


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