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Possession - when is mio/mia used?


The sentence (in lesson 4.5)  "Porto la macchina fotografica per questa gita?" is translated as Shall I bring my camera for this trip?   Why isn't "Porto la mia macchina fotographica" to say my camera?  I would think that as it is written, it would be translated as "the camera."

Lucia - Rocket Languages Tutor

Hi jrdevivo,

Italian doesn't use as many possessives as English does, because they are often implied. Mio/mia have a "it's mine and nobody else's" feeling to them, so it's common to leave them out unless you're making a statement. A sentence like Bring your phone with you, translated as Portati dietro il tuo telefono, would sound strict ("your phone, not mine"), so it gets translated as Portati dietro il telefono.

Hope this helps!



Thanks Lucia!  That is very helpful!

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