Forum Rocket Italian Italian Grammar Posso or Permesso for "May I"?

Posso or Permesso for "May I"?


Are "posso" and "permesso" interchangeable when you want to ask, "May I?"


Hi AR--9, 
Thanks for your questions! 
Could you provide a context in which you would use "may I?"? The related translation might change according to the different situations.
For instance:
If you need someone to move slightly (i.e. you are in a busy place and need to reach the exit), then you can say "Permesso" or "Mi scusi".
If you are entering someone's house, it's advisable to say "Permesso" or even "Posso?" (as in "May I come in?"). 
If you were referring to a different context, do let me know as I will be happy to provide further explanations :)

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