Preposition after bisogno



In Grammar lesson 2.7 we have “Loro hanno bisogno”  which means “They need”, or literally “They have need”.

In French there is a similar construction “Ils ont besoin de…”, so I wonder if there needs to be a preposition (di  perhaps) in Italian when used in a phrase?

If so perhaps an example of its use could clarify.



Hi Peter, 

You are absolutely correct! It's very similar to French in this case.

Here are a few examples:
  • Io ho bisogno di mangiare = I need to eat
  • Loro avevano bisogno di una casa = They needed a home
  • Lui avrà bisogno di studiare = He will need to study
As you correctly stated, you need the preposition "di", just like in French.

Hope this helps :)


Ciao Caterina, grazie!

I was pretty sure, but it's good to have it confirmed.

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