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When is the pronun for we "ci" or "noi" appropriately used.  I have seen ci piace for we like and noi andiamo for we go. 

Lucia - Rocket Languages Tutor

Hi Vinny,

Ci is used to translate usto us, as in:
Lui ci vede. He sees us.

Piacere is a tricky verb. You have a subject in English, "you" liking something, but the same doesn't apply to Italian, where you have an indirect object, "to us".

Ci piace literally translates "to us it likes", meaning we like it. The construction itself totally differs than that of English.

For reference, here's the conjugation of all pronouns:

Mi piace/piacciono
Ti piace/piacciono
Gli piace/piacciono
Le piace/piacciono
Ci piace/piacciono
Vi piace/piacciono
A loro piace/piacciono

You will use piace for singular nouns, eg. I like ice cream, mi piace il gelato. You'll use piacciono for plural nouns, eg. I like books, mi piacciono i libri.

Hope this helps!



Grazie mille. Ho capito ( I think)

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