può verses puoi


In Language and Culture 2.13 Talking about money.....................

Why is it  " Mi può fare uno sconto?"   which Rocket Italian translates to  "Can you give me a discount?"   and not "Mi puoi fare uno sconto?"

It seems like the first  uses the he/she/it form and the one I'm wondering about is using the you form.
Just wondering.  


Hi Connie, 

Thanks for your question! In Italian, when talking to someone you do not know and in formal contexts, you use the pronoun "lei" (he/she) instead of "tu" (you). This is to add formality. 

In exercise 2.13 we are asking for a discount. If you are asking for a discount, it means that you are  probably in a shop, dealing with someone you are not familiar with (hence, you need formality). This is why it's preferable to use the "he/she" form rather than the "you" form. Consequently, you will need to use "può" instead of "puoi". 

Hope this helps! :-)

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