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Ciao ragazzi,


Hoping someone can help explain the subtle differences between “quello che/quelli che/ciò” I've seen these expressions a lot in written Italian and by listening to Italian audio. 

 If I'm not mistaken/understand correctly;

Quello che = that

Quelli che = those that

Ciò = thing/ Quello ciò = that thing.


I'm sure the words and meanings change depending on the context of a sentence, but just can't grasp the meaning of the above mentioned.

Mille grazie!



Ciao Michael, 

Thanks for your question!

I'll be happy to provide more examples for each term so that you can better understand how to use them:

Quello che = the one that (this is the combination of "quello" + "che", "the one" + "that")
- Voglio quello!
- Quale?
Quello che vedi là!

- I want that one!
- Which one?
- The one you see there!

Quelli che = those that/the ones that  (this is the combination of "quelli" + "che", "the ones" + "that")
- Non fidarti di quelli che dicono bugie.

- Do not trust those that tell lies.

The same goes for "Quella che" ( this is the combination of "quella" + "che", "the one" + "that").

Ciò = that/that thing ---- it could be replaced by "quello"
- Non ho mai detto ciò.

- I have never said that.

Unfortunately, you would never use "quello ciò".

Hope this helps, but don't hesitate to let me know in case you have any other question! :)



Ciao Caterina,


Grazie tante per gli esempi! 


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