Reflexive verbs



In what situations would we use ‘avvicinarsi’ instead of ‘avvicinare’?

I am confused because both mean ‘to get near’ or ‘to come closer’.  I don't understand the need of the reflexive verb here.

What would be the difference between using “mi avvicino” and “avvicino”?




Hi ApoorvaC, 


thanks for your question…Indeed it can be confusing! :)

The reflexive verb “avvicinarsi” refers to get closer (to something), as in the following example:

“mi avvicino al mio obiettivo” (I get closer to my goal)

The verb “avvicinare” (no reflexive) it refers to get/put something closer, as in the following example:

“avvicino il tavolo alla TV” (I put the table closer to the TV)


As you can see, when it's reflexive, it's the subject itself (I/you/he/she etc.) that is subject to the verb (I get closer to something).


Hope this clarifies, but feel free to share any additional questions! :) 

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