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In lesson 8.5, there is  the sentence:  "Allora ci vediamo a febbraio." which is translated as "So we will see you in February."  From the context of this sentence, the "you" is more than 1 person.  

Why is the pronoun "ci" used instead of "vi?"  I would think that you would say ""Allora vi vediamo a febbraio" instead. Obviously, I'm wrong, but I don't understand why.




Lucia - Rocket Languages Tutor

Hi Jay,

That's because the literal translation would be "so we will see each other in February". This is based on the reflexive verb vedersi, to see each otherVi vediamo has a more literal meaning and it's not used in greetings.

Si vedono = they see each other (from vedersi), they meet
Ci vedono = they see us (from vedere)

Hope this helps!



Thanks Lucia - I think I'm regressing!

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