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Regular are verbs



Ciao a tutti

The verb approfittare looks like a regular verb in conjugations.

My question is is regularity ruled only by the present tense? In other words is that where verbs are deemed regular or irregular.

I just have not been able to find confirmation of this anywhere. 

Auito per favore 




Hi sebongela

It appears to be a regular verb as far as I can determine:



Edit: Correction - I reckon now that it's an irregular verb.  For example, the passato remoto is a conjugation, so it does not only apply to the present tense.





Hi ChrisM108

That is what I thought when I looked at it. I do use the Reverso site, but just wanted to make sure. Using Coffee Break travel diaries and Italian magazine. They have free podcasts, but decided to subscribe, as the notes are very helpful. The ones for the magazine are very extensive. So vocab growing and hopefully the grammar is making more sense. I like listening when I am doing other menial chores or hobbies. 


Slowly getting up to speed with my language routine now that am settling into home again. Cleaned the house yesterday and went into a bit of shock, as no housework for a month, very little language either, which I didn't like. So glad to be home.

When I feel it is safe to travel am thinking of a long stay holiday in Italy. Food, wine and language, not necessarily in that order.

A presto 




Hi Sebongela, 

What an interesting question! Some irregular verbs are more difficult to spot than others, that's for sure.

Some irregular verbs only have exceptions in the passato remoto and the participio passato for instance, while others have exceptions in additional tenses (such as the presente tense, for instance).

Consequently, it's not always possible to spot an irregular verb just by looking at the present tense (unfortunately).

Hope this helps and that you'll be able to plan a long stay holiday in Italy soon! :)

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