Spiegare -to explain

Signor Riccardo

Signor Riccardo

In level 1 lesson 6.5 "Polite phrases & misunderstandings" there is the phrase: "Non mi sono spiegato bene", using essere where avere is usually used with this verb ("Ho spiegato"). Is there a reason essere and avere are used in different circumstances with this verb? 


Ciao Signor Riccardo!

Thanks for your question.
In this case, "non mi sono spiegato" (I did not explain myself)  uses the reflexive form of the verb "spiegarsi" (to explain oneself).  You will find more of this in lesson 6.10 
All Reflexive verbs require the verb "to be" - essere as their auxiliary verb in the past tense as shown below:
Io mi sono preparato
I have prepared (myself) 

Io mi sono pettinato
I combed (myself)

Io mi sono spiegato 
I explained (myself)

Hope this helps, let me know if I can provide more examples! :)
Signor Riccardo

Signor Riccardo

Tante grazie, Caterina. 

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