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Struggling with the grammar lessons



I've not given as much attention to the language and culture lessons (the culture ok) but I don't find the grammar modules as engaging as the ones with the lessons presented by Alessandro and Maria.

Apart from repeating the audio tracks, I've skipped most of 1.9 and don't feel I've taken much away from 1.5 to 1.9.   (but maybe more than I think I did).

Has anyone had this problem?   Continue to the survival kit lessons and then on to module 2 and may be go back once I feel more confident?   Will I struggle in later lessons if I don't "get" these grammar modules?  My motivation is still in play but my confidence has been knocked a bit.

I'm hoping that the goal is to "know it" rather than "know the rules".   We don't know the rules of our native language do we - we just know how it is.    Clutching at straws?  :)

Many thanks
marieg-rocket languages

marieg-rocket languages

Hi Andrea21, 

I apologize for the late reply to this post. 

The grammar lessons as you mention, are not as entertaining as the audio ones as there are no interactions or a conversation taking place; however, we do consider them necessary so that you have all the tools to understand a language estructure and create your own sentences to your convenience. 

You, as the learner, have the option to simply skip them, or take them in the order you deem necessary; it'll all depend on your needs after all. Some people focus on audio conversations and some others focus on the grammar aspect. In the course, if you decide to take just the audio lessons, you won't get stuck because of not taking the grammar lessons, but it might be difficult at some point to understand why a sentence is written in a certain way as the grammar part is lacking. 

Kind Regards
Laura Sedor

Laura Sedor

Andrea21, I skipped over some of the grammar lessons at first, but I’m finding it to be much better when I at least review the grammar lessons some.  

I actually started using the text to voice feature of my phone so that I can listen to it while doing other things.  With my phone (at least iPhone), the Italian speaking voice reads the Italian and the English speaking voice reads the English.

Either way, I think it is worth reading through the lessons, even if you spend more time on the audio lessons.

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