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Struggling with the grammar lessons


I've not given as much attention to the language and culture lessons (the culture ok) but I don't find the grammar modules as engaging as the ones with the lessons presented by Alessandro and Maria.

Apart from repeating the audio tracks, I've skipped most of 1.9 and don't feel I've taken much away from 1.5 to 1.9.   (but maybe more than I think I did).

Has anyone had this problem?   Continue to the survival kit lessons and then on to module 2 and may be go back once I feel more confident?   Will I struggle in later lessons if I don't "get" these grammar modules?  My motivation is still in play but my confidence has been knocked a bit.

I'm hoping that the goal is to "know it" rather than "know the rules".   We don't know the rules of our native language do we - we just know how it is.    Clutching at straws?  :)

Many thanks

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