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Suffixing direct and indirect pronouns to sentence


I am a little confused with where we locate the direct/indirect pronouns,

Depending on wether the object i'm trying to find / buy is f/m for example if i was to write:

I cannot find it

1. Non lo/la posso trovare
2. Non posso trovarlo / trovarla

I would like to buy it

1. Lo/La vorrei comprare
2. Vorrei comprarlo/comprarla

Which version is correct or what are their differences really?

Thanks a lot again. 

Lucia - Rocket Languages Tutor

Hi rigoletto,

Both versions are correct!

When a complex verb is present, these pronoun can either go before the modal verb or after the main verb. The difference is only in the writing, really, because when they are placed after the main verb they are attached to it, otherwise they are not.

If only a verb is present, they can only precede it:
Non lo/la vedo. I don't see it.

Hope this helps!



Grazie Lucia :) 


Hey Rigoletto,

The way I learned, this is mostly commonly seen where you have two verbs in a row, and the most common case for that is where you're using one of:


So in your example where you've got 

volere comprare (vorrei comprare)

... you can either put the pronoun before or after

lo vorrei comprare
vorrei comprarlo

Both are correct. I have no idea which one sounds more natural or would be used more often.

@lucia, is that all correct?


Lucia - Rocket Languages Tutor

Hi Drew,

You are correct! :)
Which one you choose is just a matter of style, because there's no difference between the two. Just remember to attach it to the infinitive verb if you choose the second option!



Thanks Drewster & Lucia.

Yes i have been using both really and i was really wondering if there was a big difference or a right or wrong way as I have seen lots of people using both and it started to confuse me after a while thinking is it only for certain purposes for one and vice versa for the other.

Molte grazie.

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