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The weird thing that the vowels do?



Hi guys, I need some help. I'm trying to learn a lot of Italian in not a lot of time, and part of doing that is reading a lot of Italian, but whenever I try and read, I can't figure out that weird thing that happens when you have a word that ends in a vowel, and the next word begins in a vowel, so you clip off the first word's vowel and just carry on from there (e.g. "il mio amico, gets pronounced il mi'amico.) I could do this without too much trouble, but I've noticed in the Pimsleur Italian course I'm taking, that it doesn't always happen. I'd guess it's something like 40/60. It's driving me crazy, because I'm always second guessing myself when I'm reading and I just want to know for sure how this material sounds. Does anyone have any advice, preferably some hard-and-fast rules, as to when this elision thing happens and when it doesn't? Is it just something you do when you feel like it, or when you're trying to sound fancy, like the non-essential elisions in French? I'd really appreciate the help.

Thank you in advance,

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