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in lesson 11.3  Roberto says : Credo che lo spezzatino con la polenta d'inverno rimane qualcosa di imbattibile.

I thought that in phrases where there is some doubt such as here with' credo che' that one uses the present conjunctive so why 'rimane' and not 'rimani' ?


sorry i meant rimanga rather than rimane

Lucia - Rocket Languages Tutor

Hi Colin,

Officially, yes, Italian grammar rules dictate that credere is one of those verbs followed by the conjunctive tense. However (and regretfully) it's becoming common for young people nowadays to use the indicative tense instead. Its use has become somewhat accepted in the spoken language in informal contexts, but the conjunctive case still holds in the written language.

Hope this helps!



Grazie per la risposta!

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