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When to do Language and Culture Courses?



Basically, title. Should I follow the order, doing the 5-6 audio lessons of each unit, then following that, do the language and culture courses? Should I alternate? Should I do every audio lesson of a level, then go back and do the grammar courses?

They don't seem to be cohesive so it's hard to figure out
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marieg-rocket languages

Hi FeliceA4, 

Generally speaking, you can follow the numbers in the lessons, so you would start with the audio lessons and the follow with the Language&Culture lessons from within one Module, and so forth. However, the course gives you the freedom to choose which lesson to take and the order, some users actually feel better taking the L&C lessons first; as you mentioned, they take one audio and one L&C lesson at a time... You can try different approaches and see which one suits you best. 

Kind Regards!

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