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Introducing the new Rocket Japanese "Play the Part" series!



Hi Everyone,

We've been hard at work at Rocket Japanese creating a brand new series for our Japanese learners… Introducing our latest conversational series: Rocket Japanese Play the Part!


The Play the Part lessons are designed to help you prepare for on-the-ground, everyday life experiences that you'll encounter while visiting or living in Japan. In them, you will use our Play It! feature to take part in common conversations (e.g. visiting Japanese friends; shopping for clothes; attending a festival; etc.). At the same time, you'll also get some lists with relevant vocabulary and more handy cultural tips. 

Find out more here:

Let us know what you think of these fun new lessons in the comments below!



I think it's a great addition, and I added it to my collection the second I saw it was available. Thanks for continuing to add/improve content!

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