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A beginner....and visiting Majorca next week (or Mallorca)



Hola, Como te va? I've slowly been going through the Rocket Spanish Beginners book, audio lessons and Conversation guide and I'm starting to slowly progress through this fantastic course. I've been studying for a few weeks now and must say I'm really enjoying the challenge of learning a new language. Ideally, I'm learning so that I can speak Spanish within mainland Spain and the Balearic Islands whne i visit for holidays, who know's maybe I'll move abroad one day to work or retire!. Hopefully this course will give me the grounding that I'm looking for. I'm going to Palma in Majorca next week with my girlfriend and I want to try out what I've been learning in the early beginners courses eg. Greetings, ordering food/drink etc. Is the term "Disculpe Snr, Me gustaria...." understandable to castillian spanish speakers when I ask for my glass of beer from the waiter? : ) I think I will try my new found vocabulary, if a little limited at the moment. I think I start to get nervous the moment a fluent spanish speaker replies to me....they tend to speak so fast right? Also, does the course tell you how to ask for directions etc. Many a time i've got a taxi to/from the airport and have really struggled to communicate where I need to go etc. Gracias, Hasta luego! Maff

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