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Accent marks



I have just started the lessons and I am wondering about the accent marks. This seems very important, but I haven't seen anything on here about how to produce them. I have found that certain ALT key/number pad combinations will produce them so I have printed a chart, but that seems very clumsy. I have ordered a spanish keyboard which should be here in a couple of days and I hope that will be better. ¿What do the rest of you do about accent marks?


Hola. I use the ALT+4 system of accent marks, primarily because it will work without interfering with my normal keyboard. However, for writing messages on this forum, you should note that on the left side of your screen when you reply or start a message, there are a series of special Spanish characters you can use (right above the emoticons). There is also a freeware program called AllChars that some people like. You can find more information about this and other methods on these earlier threads: *__ * *__*


Hello Bubba, I have tried a few methods, but I found the ALT + 4 method has become as second nature to me and it seems to work almost in every program I'm using...

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