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Beginners book vs. Interactive audio course


I downloaded all there is to download - but if I refer to the description in the Instruction manual, I am a little confused. On page 3 You mention all in "the pack": Instruction manual, Interactive Audio course, and then Four E-books: Conversion course, Beginners book, Advanced book and Beginners Vocab suppl. (And after that the games, the cards and the bonus lessons.) You mention that one should listen to "beginners book" while reading along. And later "Find them in the Beginners book audio version in the bonus audion cd". But is the "Beginners book" and "the Interactive Audio course" not the same thing? Or is this something that is not included in the downloads?


Hello Preben, The interactive audio course is totally different to the books. When it mentions that you should listen to "beginners book" while reading along. It refers to the beginner’s book audio version, not the interactive audio course. These are all available for download from the Members area under the "Audio Version Of Primer Curso" heading. (For Beginners Grammar Audio Version) "Interactive Audio Course" For the interactive lessons Any problems let me know. Mauricio.


Ah, yes I see. Thanks Mauricio. What tricked me was that there was what I thought was the same amount of lessons, and therefore I thought it was the same..but actually there is one more lesson in the beginners book audio version, I can see now. Sorry about that. But great, that I bought even more than I originally thougt! Great course, so far !


I, too, just downloaded everything. I intend to start working with the interactive audio courses first. I am looking to follow the same text that I see on-line in some PDF document to follow-along. Is there such a book and if so, where? This way, I don't have to be tied to the internet. Lastly, where is the beginner's book audio version? I don't see a heading entitled "Audio Version Of Primer Curso" that you mentioned to Preben. I'm looking forward to working through your courses. They look fantastic. Don


[quo]*Quote from * Mauricio ... These are all available for download from the Members area ...[/quo] Where is the "Members area"? I've seen it referenced several times in these forums, but I haven't been able to find it, here in the forums, under "Your Account," or under "Your Course."


Same question-- where is this members area? I would like to download the books and other course materials, but I have not been able to find them. Please help!


can somebody tell me where to find the beginners books please, i am stuck and no one at rocket spanish can be bothered to get back to me after sending 3 emails i am annoyed. thank you. barry


In my understanding the material included in the "Beginner's Book" is available now as a suite of "Grammar and Culture" lessons of the Rocket Spanish Premium Course.


The downloads that I have found are under section 10 of the course material....hope this helps.


I want to learn this material, not by audio but by reading and studying. do you have printable lessons?


Michael: in each audio lesson there is a pdf of the conversation transcript that you can download and print out. It does not contain all of the explanatory materials that surrounds the conversation though, which may be what you are looking for. I respectfully suggest, however, that you give the audio lessons a chance. I think that listening, speaking, reading, and writing are all important components of learning a new language. When I first started I listened to the audio lessons much more than I do now. Now I listen to them initally, once more through as a more intensive study, then sometimes while in the car or whatever just to listen to spanish being spoken. I have found that taking time with each sentence in a lesson, writing it longhand and speaking it, helps me learn better.

Ava Dawn

Ava Dawn

I agree with Dan wholeheartedly

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