Conan O'Brian in Cuba


Conan taped a show in Cuba soon after President Obama announced the changes. It aired this week. If you didn't see it I recommend looking it up on Conan's web site. You will especially appreciate the Spanish "lesson" he took while there, along with his attempt to sing in Spanish with a Cuban Salsa band.

Ava Dawn

Thank you. I will certainly look it up.


Conan is just so funny. The first 30 seconds of this clip are priceless.


Isn't it said that one measure of proficiency in a new language is when you understand the jokes?

I think that Conan O'Brian turned that on its head. One measure of a comedian's proficiency is when non-native speakers understand your jokes.

Ava Dawn

George and I did watch the Cuban episodes. It is so funny. I might not get my 1000 points of Rocket Spanish lesson today. I especially like the Rum Museum and the Spanish Class with Yolanda.


Thank you for posting that.  I enjoyed watching Conan's visit to Cuba.

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