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Hello guys, I was just thinking that it would be really cool to have actual Video testimonials from some of our Rocket Spanish students out there on our main page. And I know there are a lot of people out there very happy with Rocket Spanish and how it has helped them learn Spanish. So, here is the deal. I know that jumping in front of a video camera can be scary so I thought I would offer you a nice incentive to ease those nerves... *I have here 5 pretty cool looking DIGITAL MP4 PLAYERS up for grabs for the first 5 people who can get a video testimonial of Rocket Spanish to me*. We want it to be of good quality so if you have a good digital camera or webcam you should have no problem in recording it. It would be nice if it was at least 30 seconds long (the longer the better), but going by the comments left here on the forum, I'm sure most of you can find lots of nice things to say about our course. We would love it if you could answer the following questions in your testimonial. *1. Would you recommend Rocket Spanish to others and why? 2. What is the biggest benefit you gained from the Rocket Spanish course? 3. How did Rocket Spanish help you on your travels, schooling, etc? 4. What should others expect to gain from purchasing Rocket Spanish?* So don't be shy and get those videos to me as soon as possible... How can you get the videos to me? Well, the best way I think would be to mail them to: *Rocket Languages c/o Libros Media Ltd P.O.Box 2831 Christchurch New Zealand* Let me know once you've sent it so we know its coming. REMEMBER! There is only 5 DIGITAL MP4 PLAYERS up for grabs so be quick! All the best and I thank everyone in advance. Mauricio.


Hola Señor Mauricio y Señorita Amy, ¡Ustedes tíenen mi agradecimiento profundo! Lo siento, pero no tengo una videocamára. (Que lastima...) Sin embargo, deseo ayudar. OK folks... I'm going to continue in English. (If, by some miracle, you understood those few sentences of Spanish, I'll call this a victory. The completion of Audio Lessons 1.1 - 1.5 rekindled my limited ability to think in Spanish; but it wasn't enough to transform me into a skilled correspondent! :grin: ) Those first lessons, on the other hand, -did- convince me that Rocket Spanish contains all the tools I'll need to become fluent in conversational Spanish. (Two YEARS of College Spanish gave me only a few carefully scripted dialogues about grocery stores, school supplies and the geography of Latin America. Your first five lessons taught me more practical, contemporary speech than I learned during four semesters at College; and I have barely scratched the surface.) Thank you both for caring about this project! You've put yourselves, not simply your knowledge, into these lessons. Your love of Spanish (and for your students) shines in each spoken word. This is the -real- secret of Rocket Spanish. (As if you didn't know...) :-) Your grateful student, Pete Steiner Depew, New York, USA


Hola troubadour, Thank you so much for your positive comments, It's great to know what people out there think of the course and it does help other students to read about what other people are doing with it. By the way... your starting sentence was spotless, excellently put together...well done. All the best to you and keep up the good work. Kind regards, Mauricio.

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