Hijacking of Rocket


Both the Forum and the main site appeared to be hijacked for about 2 weeks. Whenever I tried to access them I was taken to another site with links to commercial spanish resources, but not Rocket. Did anyone else experience this? Alan


Si, yo tambien.


Y yo tambien.


Hmmm....this is somewhat puzzling, since I usually log on to the Rocket Spanish Forum site several times a day, both to see what new messages there are and to get rid of any spam. I can't recall any time recently when I logged on and didn't find myself on the Forum site. I don't understand how other people could have had this experience--especially for two weeks--and I didn't. Can anyone be more specific about when you found the Forum site hijacked? Gracias.


I don't log on everyday, so cannot be too specific. However I think it started about 2-3 weeks ago, and only when I tried a few days ago was I able to get back into the site. Alan


[quo]*Quote:* and only when I tried a few days ago was I able to get back into the site. [/quo] Hi, I have asked some friends who are admins ( kind of ) and they say it's possible , depending where you live and which route you get taken. DNS servers can get screwed up. With the internet basically becoming a massive traffic jam, broblems will arrise more and more. I don't think it has anything to do with Rocket Spanish site, because of: I have many, many times that RS site is impossibly slow. Then I quickly mail my friend in NZ, who checks RS site and mails me back within a minute that it is blazingly fast But being rerouted hasn't happened to me with RS ( yet ) But I will keep a check on it , 3 times a day. Thanks for reporting Antonio Moderator


I don't know if it helps Antonio, but I even tried retyping the address in Google search, and still only got the other place. Alan


Alan *Very basics* of internet addresses are that every time you want to communicate with someone else, you have to tell the system where you want to go. For that you use a DNS ( Domain name server ). It for example that one is screwed up ( temporary ) for one or other reason, you will get directed to another place. I It has happened with me many times over the last 2 years I don't know of course if this was the case between you and RS. Again, this is a very simplistic explanation. Thousands of people are joining every hour and it's not uncommon that things go wrong lately. Just let it rest for now. I will monitor 3 or 4 times a day ( so will nohablo ) and if there is a problem on my side or one nohablo's side, we will report to the webmaster A Happy New Year to all who are reading this Antonio


Hi guys, Just to let you all know what happened as there was a problem with the site, I didn't think it affected the forum though... Our domain registry was not updated by the company we used and they temporarily took the RS site offline and put their own page up... I know it was for about 2 weeks, we were very annoyed of course but there wasn't much we could have done about it. All back online now and working as before… All the best. Mauricio.


No worries, Mauricio. I'm sure that wasn't going to keep everyone from returning to the site! :wink:

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