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I love the idea behind the audio lessons in this course. You hear a conversation, then the conversation is explained in detail line by line. Ever since I decided to learn Spanish I thought there should be a course like this. The idea came to me when I was watching the Spanish track on my Harry Potter DVD (or was it Star Wars?). I wished I knew someone who spoke Spanish that could watch the movie with me and break everything down line by line. Then I could re-watch it in parts until all together it made since. What could be more fun than learning Spanish while watching a great movie? One of my goals from this course for me is to know enough to be able to learn from my DVDs. As it is now I don't get much from them. I only hear an occasional word here and there that I recognize. The ultimate course for me would be if someone took the Spanish track transcript for a popular movie such as Harry Potter and explained it line by line breakdown. Then the person learning could watch the movie and have instant gratification. I suppose due to copyright laws this is the next best thing. :)

"What could be more fun than learning Spanish while watching a great movie?" Aaack! You'd have to put me in a straight jacket & tie me to the chair! That's funny; people are so different. I'm glad the lessons start with real conversations we can have with real people so we can be more sociable. At some of the clubs I suspect for many of the gentlemen the only English they know is "Dance?" & "Thank you." Enjoy your movies; we'll be on the dance floor, cha cha cha!

By the way, if you want some great lines to use in clubs in Spanish speaking countries, here are a few. ¿Quieres bailar? _Do you want to dance?_ ¡Qué guapa! _ How gorgeous! _(directed to a woman) Eres una mujer hermosa. _You are a beautiful woman. _(very powerful!) ¿Te puedo comprar una cerveza? _Can I buy you a beer?_ ¿Vamos a mi hotel? _Let's go to my hotel?_ (a suggestion/question) Now, use these wisely! Have fun :-)


[quo]*Quote:* ¿Vamos a mi hotel? Let's go to my hotel?[/quo] Amy, If I used that line on any of the chicas here in Granada I'd get a black eye for my trouble! (Are you trying to get us killed??)

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