Language Learning Strategy


The following is my planned strategy, which I am partially into, for learning Spanish. I am a beginner. Any comments or suggestions for other products, etc., would be appreciated. I can allocate about 40 minutes per night, Monday through Thursday. On each of Saturday and Sunday I can allocate at least 40 minutes . . . possibly hours. I have Rosetta Stone Latin American v. 3 Levels 1-3. I first went through about half of Level 1. Then I started the following while continuing using Rosetta Stone in parallel. I am also considering taking a Spanish class (that meets once a week) at a language school in parallel. Rocket Spanish 1 Rocket Spanish 2 Learning Spanish Like Crazy 1 Learning Spanish Like Crazy 2 (and 3 when it comes out) FSI Programmatic 1 FSI Programmatic 2 FSI Basic 1-4 FSI Fast Course At some point I can use, subscribe to an audiomagazine, get some tutoring (in the U.S. or for a week abroad), use Skype and / or join a Spanish meetup group. Anything I should be doing differently or in addition?


Hi, It seems to me you have it covered in almost every way. Like you mentioned, I think getting out there and talking and practising what you learn is the best way... maybe the next think for you would be an immersion course where you just completely surround yourself with the language... anyway, it’s just an idea. It looks like you are definitely keeping yourself busy and on top of things. Good luck and all the best. Mauricio.

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