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lesson 1.2 learning the "d" sound


hi im still new to this and i had trouble with getting this sound right in lesson 1.2 i think it is? when maricio says "de dondre eres?" and "encantado" the d sounds either like a "th" sound or a "v" sound? can anyone help me with how you say the "d"?? thanks :D


To me, it sounds like a d and no matter how hard I try, I can't hear any v Try:............. Daddy Dodo idiot danger do it don't do Hope this helps Antonio


MissFebruary, I think you've got a very good ear! Though I haven't listened to the early lessons in quite a while, it is the case that many Spanish d's sound like "th". Here's an explanation from one of my favorite books, *Búscalo: A Quick Reference Guide to Spanish Grammar and Usage*, by William M. Clarkson and Guillermo Campos: "*d* at the end of a word or between two vowels is pronounced like the English *th* in the word *_th*ere_: *to_d_o*, *dormi_d_o*. In all other positions it is closer to the English *d* in the word *_d*ollar_ but still with a hint of the *th* sound of the word *_th*en_ because the tip of the tongue touches the edge of the front teeth."


thank you antonio and nohablo!i think that quote really helped alot, i wasn't sure if it was just me haha so there definately was a slight 'th' sound of somesort but for now i think i will stick with the 'd' sound lol i find it a bit hard to accomplish getting the sound perfectly matching to maricio's but i presume as i practice more, the language will sink in more and the peticular sounds i hear will eventually flow naturally but thanks for your help!mucho gracias!! :D


Hola otra vez, Hayley. I'd like to offer a piece of advice based on my experience: try to practice saying "d" correctly from the start. It's a lot easier to do it correctly from the start (even if that is hard to do at first) than to try to undo a bad habit later on. Take it from one who knows! :( By the way, if you watch TV or movies in Spanish, you'll probably notice that when speakers say words with "d", you can see their tongue coming slightly through their teeth in a way that you don't see when someone speaks English.

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