MP3 player for course

I want to download the Rocket Spanish course on a MP3 player. Any recommendations on a MP3 player to buy that has good audio quality/storage for this. Thanks, James

I have an MP3 player that is an MPIO made by Digitalway. ( The model I have is a FD100 and I bought it off of Ebay brand new and very inexpensive. It is Korean made and has several features that cater to language learning such as voice recording, playback speed control so you can slow things down as you listen or speed things up, and REW/FF controls just like a tape player. It also has a radio. It uses built in flash memory and also has a memory expansion slot to use flash memory cards if you wish. I've had it for 1 yr now and I use it 3-5 days a week at the gym. It's lightweight and comes with a belt clip. Anyway, it is popular in Korea because of it's language learning features. Besides MP3 files it plays WMA files as well. Software comes with it and it is easy if you are computer literate.

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