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Forum Rocket Spanish Spanish - Culture and Travel Need missing transcripts for Learning like crazy tapes

Need missing transcripts for Learning like crazy tapes



¡Hola! I came to Rocket Spanish by way of LSLC. Wish I had found Rocket Spanish first as it's a great course for beginners. IMO the two make good companion courses. I really appreciate the way Amy pronounces each word that's being introduced slowly and clearly...something that LSLC definitely does not do! Because I'm a visual learner, I have to look over the LSLC transcripts at least once so I can make a mental image of the words I don't know yet, or I never will remember them. Sometimes I can't even figure out what they are if I only listen to the tapes! Anyhow, to get to my request...I'm hoping someone here has the transcripts to the Learning Like Crazy lessons 25-30. I was sent the first 24 with my order, but the last five transcripts are missing. Patrick and his crew have been completely unresponsive to the requests I've sent them over the past several weeks. ¡Muchos gracias in advance!


A kind person has sent me the transcripts! Thank you Amy and Mauricio for providing this forum. What a great service!

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