So where you live is called what?


Where and why do these places get these names? “I live in the City of Angels.” [Los Ángeles, CA] Sounds nice but, hey, I’ve been there… “I live in Saint Pancho.” [San Francisco, CA] Sounds better than living in Saint Poncho, I suppose. “I live in the Mouth of a Mouse.” [Boca Ratón, FL] Wow, bummer man… Debió de haber comprado una casa allí antes de que hablara español. ¿Quién viviría en un lugar llamado así? [En realidad es muy bonito – y rico. They must have named it so to manipulate migration, sort of like calling a surprisingly green country “Iceland” and a block of ice “Greenland”.]


Una pueblo cerca aquí se llama Buena Vista. Hay muchos buenas vistas de La Montañas Azul Crestas.


Hola My neighbour state (California) has a lot of (funny) spanish names: Aside from all the Saints (Diego, Pedro, Juan Onofre, Luis, Ana, Monica, Barbara, Francisco, Clemente, and company haha) they have the following: El cajon (the drawer) Manteca (Lard) Escondido (hidden) Buena vista( good view) Chula vista (nice view) Loma linda (nice hill) Palo verde (green stick) Palomar (pigeon's place) Tejon Hills (Badgers hills) Bolsa Chica (Small bag) and so on! hahaha

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