what the meaning??..


what's tha meaning of "solamente tu" in english


Hola Leen, Significa"only you or just you." Saludos, Rich


As Rich mentioned, solamente means only, so the quoted language means "only you." Note that solamente means basically the same as "sólo." However, solamente has more limited usage. Solamente can only be used as an adverb, while sólo can be used as an adverb or an adjective (without accent as solo) where it can mean "alone." Solamente cannot be used for this latter meaning. As a Spanish learner, I avoid using solamente because it is very easy to misuse it. Thus, I usually stick to using sólo. However, as long as you are using solamente to mean "only" in the adverb form, you should be fine.


thank you rich and random1 for answer

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