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Hi, I just purchased Premium. Before that, I have been working on the Rocket Spanish lessons that have been emailed to me. I just finished part 40. I have waiting in my inbox up to part 53. I have two questions. How many more parts are there, and should I finish all those before starting this premium program? I think I will get confused if I try to do both at one time. Thanks, Alex


Hola Alex. Bienvenido al foro. I'm a little confused by what you mean by "Premium." Right now, in the Member Area, there are three levels of Rocket Spanish: Premium, Premium Plus, and Platinum. If you've already done 40 lessons, it sounds as if you're working on what is now called Premium Plus. Could you have meant "Platinum" when you said you had just bought "Premium"? Can you describe the contents of lesson 40? That might help clarify things.


Here is lesson 40 http://www.rocketlanguages.com/spanish/newsa/4076.php


Wow, thanks very much, Alex, for the helpful link. I wasn't familiar with the newsletters. They seem to provide a lot of information, and especially a lot of vocabulary. From a quick glance, I'd say that if you've gone through 40 newsletters, you're more than ready for Premium, which is the first of the three levels of the Rocket Spanish program. Indeed, my concern would be that you may already know some of the material there, though probably not most of it. To give you an idea of what the Premium level contains, I've copied the chapter titles from two of the ten sections of Premium. Here's the first section (most sections are divided into two parts; the "Language and Culture" part covers more grammar and cultural info): 1.1 Introductions 1.2 Introductions Expanded 1.3 The Perfect Coffee 1.4 Taking a Photo 1.5 What Do you do for a Living? 1.6 Family Status 1.7 Traveling on Schedule Language and Culture 1.8 How to Pronounce Spanish Words 1.9 People, Places, and Things 1.10 Using "The" and "A" 1.11 Talking about You, He, and We 1.12 "To Be" Part 1: The Verb SER 1.13 Numbers 1.14 Telling the Time And here are the chapter titles from section 6: 6.1 Speak Like an Expert 6.2 Pastimes 6.3 End of Vacation Language and Culture 6.4 Talking about What You Know: SABER and CONOCER 6.5 Talking about What You Like, Love, and Lack 6.6 Actions You Perform on Yourself: Reflexive Verbs I'm sure you're ready for Premium. If you feel you already know even the material in section 6, you may want to consult with Mauricio about whether you're ready for Rocket Spanish's second level, Premium Plus. My guess is that you'd benefit from starting with Premium, even if some of it reviews material you already know. I hope this helps.


Thanks Nohablo


What is included in the Platinum level?


Hello alex all the parts that you have been using are included in your course so just crack on with premium, I have and I love it , es muy Bueno


Cathyanne, here is the table of contents from the Platinum level: # 18. Parties in Latin America Interactive Audio Course 18.1 Latin Partying 18.2 The Piñata / La Piñata 18.3 Happy Birthday / Feliz Cumpleaños 18.4 Mariachis 18.5 Carnival/Carnaval Language and Culture 18.6 The Uncertain & Hypothetical Mood 18.7 Expressing Desires 18.8 Voicing Your Doubts 18.9 Expressing How You Feel 18.10 Talking about Past Feelings # 19. Latin Culture Interactive Audio Course 19.1 Fast Food / Comida Rápida 19.2 Shopping and Bargaining / Compras y Regateo 19.3 Football / Fútbol 19.4 Day of the Dead / El Día de Muertos Language and Culture 19.5 Passive Voice / La Voz Pasiva 19.6 'SE': Most Versatile of Spanish words 19.7 Telling Someone to Do Something 19.8 Telling Someone what Someone Else Should Do # 20. Bachelor´s Life Interactive Audio Course 20.1 Just Friends / Solo Amigos 20.2 First Date / La Primera Cita 20.3 The Marriage Proposal / La Propuesta de Matrimonio 20.4 Bachelor party / Despedida de soltero Language and Culture 20.5 Describing the Non-Existent and In-Definite 20.6 Describing an Action Conditional upon Another 20.7 Doing Something Yourself with Reflexives 20.8 Interacting with One-Another and Each-Other 21. The Adventurer - Trip to the Amazon Interactive Audio Course 21.1 Planning the trip / Planear el viaje 21.2 On the plane / En el avión Mar 21.3 Welcome to the Tropics / Bienvenidos al Trópico 21.4 The Amazonian Jungle / La Selva Amazónica Language and Culture 21.5 The 'WOULD; COULD; SHOULD' tense 21.6 Talking about what HAS happened 21.7 Talking about what HAD happened 21.8 Talking about what WILL HAVE happened 22. Talking Business Interactive Audio Course # 22.1 The Work Interview / La Entrevista de Trabajo 22.2 A day at the office / Un día en la oficina 22.3 Business Meeting / Reunión de trabajo. 22.4 Filming of the Commercial / Grabación del Anuncio publicitario. Language and Culture 22.5 Making it Negative with little beginnings 22.6 Affectionate Diminutives 22.7 Emphasizing with Augmentatives 22.8 Grasping Relative Pronouns # 23. Places Interactive Audio Course 23.1 Colombia 23.2 Machu Picchu 23.3 Buenos Aires 23.4 Paraguay Language and Culture 23.5 What MAY HAVE happened 23.6 Speculating about Past Possibilities 23.7 Making Excuses with Conditional Compuesto 23.8 Speaking Hypothetically with 'SI' # 24. Socializing Interactive Audio Course 24.1 The Family Reunion 24.2 Neighbors 24.3 America Language and Culture 24.4 The Indicative Mood - Certainty and Objectivity 24.5 The Perfect Tenses - Completed and Finished 24.6 The Subjunctive Mood - Uncertainty and Subjectivity # 25. In Review Rocket Spanish Platinum Survival Kit: Bonus Lessons Pasatiempos al aire libre/ Outdoor Activities Las Civilizaciones en las Américas / Civilizations in the Americas Eventos Actuales / Current Events Navidad / Christmas Emociones / Feelings Humor / Humor Religión / Religion Socializar / Socialize Vocabulary Supplement A-LL Vocabulary Supplement M-Z


I saw interesting comments last year and I am not able see them anymore. will please someone can tell, what do I do to see them again. In one article the spanish student talk about hi wish of learning spanish to teach his son and be able to talk to him. Thank you so much for any help. Orlando.




My favorite section was the Premium Plus level, and it really advanced from the Premium level. Now I'm at the end of the Platinum level, and while it is equally as much fun, it just requires more work. Work through everything you possible can! There is a LOT of suff on this site.


Hola! I loved Premium so much, I got Premium Plus. It is a great program. I love the new addition of the writing section on the test. It gives another way to reinforce the vocabulary. I have also experienced unbelievably good customer service whenever I have asked a question. We started the lessons before going to Ecuador, and were able to get by with the help of the wonderful people there who appreciated our efforts :) Looking forward to the next trip there after Premium Plus (and Platinum!) Mucho gracias!!


Did you find that you were learning the same pronunciation from Rocket languages when you went to Ecuador? Were there any differences in pronunciation from what you learned in the Spanish Rocket Languages?


We found that much of the pronunciation was the same, or at least very close. The double l is pronounce more as y. There are definitely different dialects with their own unique changes, but overall I found I could understand most of what they were saying (at least within the confines of my limited vocabulary at that point). Great question!!!!

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