Yoda and Darth Vader

Ava Dawn

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zeSVMG4GkeQ A Ted talk about subjunctives and indicatives in a language


An interesting talk, that was. Thank you for posting it.


I agree, Robert. Really, really insightful. Thanks for posting, Aurora. [I have to add here that I was laughing before the speaker even mentioned which country was the most pessimistic (talking about the subjunctive) - I could see that one coming!]


Ever since beginning this journey to learn Spanish, I have been constantly surprised by how much it has caused me to "relearn" English. I know that I studied that stuff in high school, but I guess it seemed theoretical and therefore didn't interest me then. Now that I am older and (presumably) wiser, I am so intrigued by what is under the hood of both my native and new languages.


Hi Dan I feel the same way as you. They say there isn't a better way to learn than to teach it. Everytime I give you guys some answer or help you out with your questions, I always 'relearn" more and more spanish. You have no idea of how much I've learned spanish during the past 2 years!!! Same happened to me when I teached physics in a escuela preparatoria (bachillerato) which I think is the equivalent of either junior high or high school in the US. Even if it was 'easy' or basic physic stuff that I learned whilst in high school and the university, I could easily say I learn way more on that semester as a teacher that my whole school life. We have 2 words that are very similar in spanish, one is 'aprender'- to learn, and the other one is 'aprehender'-to aprehend, to detain , or better "to understand"....and I had a teacher who always said.... "Tienen que aprender a aprehender"-You must learn to understand, or something similar, but playing with the similar words, and in escense he wanted us to 'retain' what we learned and I the same time understand it versus just memorizing it. During my time at the university I memorized many things (e.g physics or math), some of which i still remember, but some of it has been lost from my mind... but the things I comprehended , understood or taught later on, are 100% stored in my mind. Anyway, buena suerte, o mejor, EXITO! Saludos!

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