19.2 Errors



Hi, I’m enjoying this course and learning a lot. It’s one of my favourite Spanish courses that I’ve tried. But the errors in the Extra Vocabulary section (and occasionally elsewhere) have been annoying me for a while, and Lesson 19.2 is too much. I can understand that translations can’t always be perfect, and sometimes a paraphrase is necessary, but some of these are just plain wrong – I humbly submit. Here are some examples from this one lesson, 19.2: 1. “La conversación de hoy ocurre en una feria”. Translation given: “Today's conversation occurs in a line”. Amy suggests that it occurs in a market, or a fair. Line? 2. Mauricio says “Hace rato que te estaba buscando.” Translation given in dialogue: “I’ve been looking for you for a while” - makes sense. Translation given in Vocab: "A while ago you were looking around.” 3. In the Vocab: “Me estaba buscando. Me llamaba por teléfono …” Translation given: “I was looking around. He called me on the phone”. Context suggests that it should be “He was looking for me. He called me on the phone …”. That is how Amy explains it. (Maybe there’s a verb “buscarse – to look around”, but that isn’t the storyline, and Amy doesn’t mention it). 4. “For example, teachers say "Pay attention, kids," when you're going to say something important.” “You’re” should be “they’re”. Not a big one, but it demonstrates that the Extra Vocab hasn’t been proof-read competently (given that this sort of thing occurs in most or all of the lessons). Also, putting it through a spell-checker will pick up a few typos, like “deicr algo importante” and “Así functional el mundo”. 5. “En países ricos en oro y plata como Perú …” I’d assume this means, “In countries rich in gold and silver like Peru …” The translation given: “In rich countries with gold and silver, like Peru...” In fact, Peru is not a particular rich country, even though it may be rich in gold and silver, as the original suggests. The translation given, I think, distorts the meaning. 6. “El puesto de bolsos y carteras tiene cosas muy lindas.” Translation given: “The position of bags and purses are pretty things”. (No comment necessary.) I’ve just completed 19.2 about Fútbol. Someone has dropped the ball badly in the Extra Vocab Section here too! Yo podría indicar más errores si alguien está interesado, pero todo el texto de las secciones de Extra Vocabulary de todos los niveles necesita la corrección de pruebas, y no creo que sea mi trabajo para hacerlo. Ray

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