Beginners Book. PLEASE HELP


The beginners book introduction says " this book is filled with fun animation.... and a complete audio recording of the entire book so that you can listen as you follow along!" .. I do not see a button or anything that indicates any way of hearing audio. Does anybody know what it is referring too? Gracias


Adam... IDK either. Did you find the book that is what I´m looking for.


Hi when do you say beber instead of tomar because in the perfect coffee you use tomar but alot of people on the net say tomar is used especially when drinking alcohol is this true?


Hola Lucy! TOMAR, in spanish also means "to take", but we use the word to describe "to drink", BEBER its very specific cause it can only be use to say "to drink"...the part where you say that "tomar" is specially used when drinking alcohol is not completly true, at least in México, we use the word "tomar" when you are drinking any beverage, and obviously that includes alcohol, the same goes for "beber"... Yo tomo mucha agua ( I drink plenty water) or Yo tomo mucha cerveza ( I drink a lot of beer)...Yo bebo mucha agua or Yo bebo mucha is the same!!!! Saludos desde México! que tengas buen dia!


I would really like to know why the level one book says it comes with audio, then when I downloaded it, right at the top it says there is no longer any audio associated with this book.

Why?  Was there once audio, and if so, why is it gone, or is it just spread out throughout the course?  


Kelly: I think it once did come with audio, then was revised so that it no longer does. It has been quite a while since I studied the book, but I believe that the material in the beginner's book is presented in various lessons of the course. So it is now more of a review or reinforcement of course material. I do recall that the tests were useful.


Dan - 
Thanks so much for responding !  You confirmed what I initially thought, the material is now in different areas of the course.  It is a great help to know this, because little questions nag at the back of my mind and get in the way of focusing on the work in front of me.  So, your feedback is greatly appreciated.

Have a great weekend!


Hi. The conversation course comes with audio linked into the book. You click on to the words in black and the audio plays. The audio that goes with the Rocket Spanish Beginners Book was  called Primer Curso. It is the read read in auido. I have a copy of it. I quiet like it. I dont know why it is no longer on the website as it is good to listen to when you want a break from reading


Excuse me, but are you guys talking about the 'Beginners Spanish-Book' in the Survival Kit. 


Hi Brittany - 

Yes, that is what is being discussed - the Beginners Spanish Book in the Survival Kit.  
I downloaded it and printed it out, when you go to it it says there is no longer any audio, even though in the text itself it says there is audio.
Thus the slight confusion on the topic.  :)


Beginners Book seems to have disappeared altogether. No mention under Survival.

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