disable vosotros



Hello is there a way to disable Vosotros? I am only learning latin american spanish and I don't want to learn another conjugation I don't need right now. Thank you.



¡Hola Coloboho!

Thanks for your question! 

Unfortunately, we don't currently have a way of hiding the vosotros sentences from view. However, since our focus is Latin American Spanish, we don't include many vosotros examples throughout our courses (they only really appear in conjugation lessons, for those learners who want to see what that verb form looks like). The vosotros examples that we do have are also never included in any of the Reinforcement activities (e.g. Flashcards, Write It!, etc.) at the ends of lessons - so you won't be forced to study them if you don't want to! You can just skip the rare vosotros example sentences that you find in the lesson body.

I hope that this is helpful!



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