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Hi there
i understand I can download the lessons on to my iPad so I can listen to them when I don’t have internet access. I however can’t work out actually how to do this. When I click on the download option is starts playing the lesson and looks like it is downloading at the same speed . So lesson 1 will take 15 minutes to download. Surely this cannot be correct, so i’m Assuming i’m Doing something incorrect. Could you please advise the right steps to take to download the lessons to the iPad


Hmmm...qué extraño. I tried downloading the lesson on which I am now working on my iPad, and it opened and began playing the lesson as you experienced. When I do the same thing on my MacBook it downloads the lesson as it should. I suspect something must be wrong with the way iPads interpret the download command. I suggest you contact customer service, since the moderators don't seem to check this page every day.

Buen suerte y feliz año nuevo,


Hi Paul,

Unfortunately Apple products don't support MP3 downloads, so you will need to download the audio lessons on a normal computer or laptop. You will need to right click on the individual download links in the lessons (where it says 'Download THIS Interactive Audio Lesson') and select "Save Target As" or "Save Link As".

If you'd like to download all the audio lessons in one go, click on the link that says "Download ALL of the Interactive Audio Lessons".  The page that comes up from here has all the audio lessons you can download individually. 

I'd recommending creating a folder on your desktop then saving the files there. Once all the files you need are downloaded to that folder, you'll need to transfer them to iTunes. Open up iTunes and drag the files into the iTunes application window. Or, add the files to your iTunes library using the "Add to Library" or "Import" option in iTunes. 

When all the files are in iTunes, plug in your iPhone/iPad and sync it with iTunes - that should convert the files and move them over. I hope that helps!

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