Encouraging progress



Luego de nuestra visita a Copacabana e Isla del Sol…

In repeating from memory the (now extended) conversations in the Travelogue, I'm substituting without even thinking about it the above phrase with:

Después de haber visto Copacabana e Isla del Sol…

Una vez que hayamos visitado Copacabana e Isla del Sol…

That's just one example, but the grammatical structure of those last two phrases are from other lessons in the course - tangibly demonstrating that the Travelogue is really working.




¡Hola Steven-W15!

I'm so glad to hear that you're having such good results using the Travelogue lessons! The ability to rephrase a single thought in several different ways is exactly the sort of thing that points towards growing language fluency - well done!





Thanks, Liss!

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