Error in Level1 Module 1.2



Hey, I have just joined and noticed there is an error in this lesson. It incorrectly marks "encantada" as masculine in the extra vocabulary section when it should be marked feminine.
    Apart from this, I'm having loads of fun! the play-along section is especially helpful to get you feeling you are speaking with someone! currently, i'm just working through the modules as a form of revision/seeing if I have any gaps in my vocabulary, but I'm looking forward to tackling the tougher tenses this way!


I think it is correct.  It agrees in gender with the noun it modifies....I think.
I remember thinking the same thing when I did that level.

I too went through all of Level 1 for the same reasons as you.  It was a good idea.
When you get to Level 2, there is a good size jump in difficulty: longer sentences and a bit more complexity.
I was able to complete 2 sections per day in Level 1.  Now it is a stretch to complete 1 section from Level 2.  I like the challenge, but, ugh, it is work.
I now try WriteIt before HearItSayIt and I do about 10 per each review activity.
Man, sometimes I had to listen 10 times before I could repeat the sentence and that was discouraging.  Writing it allowed me to 'learn' it a bit better.  It is hard enough to remember all the clauses in English let alone Spanish!  But, I figure it all makes me stronger.  However, I had to adjust my expectations from Level 1 to Level 2.  Just a heads up.


¡Hola JoelH15 y TravisB13!

Thank you both very much for your feedback! 

As for the matter of the word encantada - you are correct, JoelH15: encantada is a feminine form, while encantado would be the masculine form. It looks like there was a mix-up with the notations. I will let the Spanish team know and we will get that fixed. Our apologies for the confusion!



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