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It would be most helpful to be able to highlight flashcards in the lessons and have them appear under My Flashcards. In fact, I consider this one of the greatest failings of this site. I currently export My Vocab into Anki to do this, but there is no voice associated with them, which would be helpful. Why do I need to use a different app to do this? It would not be difficult to implement on your site.


I've thought that this would be helpful too, Fg, so you're not alone.  I've created a few flashcard sets, but have had to hunt around manually, so it would be a thumbs up from me if it were ever implemented.

Also, perhaps the option to create different 'vocab' lists too (as we can with flashcards) as I love practicing vocabulary and it would be helpful if I could create different sets, for example, for tenses, useful words (such as parts of the body, clothing, food, colours), regular/irregular verbs etc

I love this programme, and any tweaks to make it even better are always much appreciated.



¡Hola Fg109 y SheffieldLass!

Thank you very much for your feedback - it's immensely helpful for us to hear about what users feel might improve our courses! I will pass these notes on to our development team.

Hasta luego,


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