Forum tools that don't work



Thought I would let you know a couple of things that don't work in the forum. This was a bunch of tests which I left below, but bottom line the following things do not work:

  • Bullet lists
  • Number lists
  • Linking does
  • Indenting


The Heading function does not work in a typical fashion.


Bold and italics work fine.

 Changing the font size  does sort of work but only the entire line, it can't do one word.


Posting a link doesn't work at all ("link" had one embedded in it).


  • Bulleted
  • Lists
  • Don't 


  1. Numbered
  2. Lists
  3. Don't
  4. Work


You can align the text

in various


ways, but this one has to be really long to show that it does work and I will just keep typing until I have at least three lines of test to show you that justified does indeed seem to be working just fine and I am done.


The increase or decrease indent does not seem to work.


Block Quote does work


And inserting a picture works including wrapping it around a bunch of text that 

I will again have to keep typings so that we can see this wrap effect 

but I really don't have anymore to say but I have to keep typing as I want at least four lines of full width text and I am getting close to that amount so I am done.


And undo works.




¡Hola Scott_C!

Thanks very much for your feedback! I'll pass this on to our technical team.



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