En nivel 2 - Sabran nuestros alumnos - este es futuro no? Is this were I can ask questions like this?


Hola Dwight,

¡ Bienvenido al foro! Sí es el futuro. This  is the place, and all questions are welcome here.




Bienvenido al forum, dwighthogg2. Sabrán nuestros alumnos es bien el futuro. As Ricardo said, all questions are most welcome.


Hola a todos,

I searched out the lesson and the translation is: "Do our students know what a piñata is?" Seems to me that would be: ¿Saben nuestros alumnos lo que es una piñata? ¿ Sabrán nuestros alumnos lo que es una piñata? I think that would translate as "Will our students know what a piñata is?" ¿ Que creen uds.? ¿Sí o no?


Ricardo: Estoy de acuerdo con tu traducción, y tu razonamiento. Tiene sentido para mi.

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Hi there, 

I think it would depend on the context, the Simple Future tense (in Spanish) is also used for suppositions about the present; for example:

Me imagino que todavía estarás cansada. 
¿Sabrán ellos dónde queda la estación? 

And I think in the conversation, Mauricio is wondering if the students currently know about what the piñata is... Remember that the English translation is trying to reflect what the Spanish sentence means, and in this case the sentence is referring to the present rather than the future...

Ricardo is also correct, although if we are in a group and he asks "¿saben nuestros estudiantes lo que es una piñata?", I would feel as though he is asking the question and expecting an answer, in a more definite way... while "¿sabrán nuestros estudiantes lo que es una piñata?" is more general, not asking anyone specifically, just wondering if they know or not...



Hola Marie,

Muchas gracias por la explicación.



Ah, I missed the point of the question. Thanks for the explanations. The tense is future but the context is the present; not unlike where Spanish can use the present to mark a past event:
- Casi me caigo. - I nearly fell.

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