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Hear It Say It!


I've been told that my pronunciation is quite good so I've never really bothered with the speech recognition. That said, reading other people's experiences with this functionality has motivated me to want to try it (plus I'd like to finish off the remaining tests). Even on the easiest setting, the software never, ever recognizes anything I say. Nada.

Here is my configuration:
- Windows 7
- Latest version of Chrome
- Samson Meteor Mic
- Rocket Languages has access to my microphone
- Microphone (Realtek High Definition Audio)

I am hearing myself loud and clear through the connected earphones. Windows says the device is working properly...


Hi Steven - I will pass this onto the support team to see what they say. Have you gone through the FAQs on System Requirements?


Hi Jason - Thanks for passing my request onto the support team. Regarding system requirements, I didn't see much in the FAQ beyond having a laptop and the latest version of Chrome installed.


Hi Steven - Perhaps this is worth a Skype call. I will email you about it.

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