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How about a separate Travelogue section in each lesson?



I find it easy to go through the Travelogue course understanding what is being said without reflecting on why it’s being said the way it is. As each lesson seems to concentrate on particular aspects of the language (without explicitly saying so), a separate section asking probing questions such as:


  • - Why is this verb used in the subjunctive in this phrase and in the indicative in this other phrase?
  • - the same for ser/estar, por/para, etc. - all of the language “gotchas”


would push us into a more active posture in analyzing the phrases and might result in interesting / helpful conversations in the forum.




Hi Steven,


Thanks for your feedback - it's much appreciated. We don't have any plans to add to the current Travelogues course, but we will pass your suggestions onto the course development team for their consideration. 


All the best with your language learning!

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