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Inclusive Language re: Spouses in Level 3.1



In the audio for Level 3.1, I am asked to introduce someone to my spouse. The instructions given are "if you are a man, say conoces a mi esposa, but if you are a woman, say conoces a mi esposo". This language ignores the possibility that a man may be married to a man, and a woman to a woman.

It would be more inclusive to say something like, "if your spouse is a man, say conoces a mi esposo, and if your spouse is a woman, say conoces a mi esposa". This phrasing makes no assumptions about the identity of the speaker, and would not erase a significant portion of your potential users.


¡Hola AdamB66!

Thank you very much for your feedback!

Indeed, our audio lessons were written some time ago and can be a bit outdated when it comes to things like this. Our Spanish team is currently undertaking a review of all three levels and is compiling a list of similar instances in the audio lessons, with a view to determining the best way to update and modernize these sorts of aspects. 



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