Is Amy a native speaker?



From 8.2
It's time for make believe as your Rocket hosts create for your learning pleasure a chance to step into the shoes of your favorite Rocket Spanish native speaker: Amy!

I thought she learned Spanish as an adult.  Maybe she perfected it as an adult?  But grew up learning in her home?
Amy wore many hats during her travels. She grew flowers on a dude ranch in Wyoming, she was a shepherdess in Wales, and she was a rousie in Australia. Then, she served for two years in the Peace Corp. She lived in South America, learning Spanish fluently, and that led her to working with the team that created Rocket Spanish. Today, she lives in New Zealand, in a cottage by the sea.

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Interesting! Thanks for passing this on.


¡Hola TravisB13 y Steven-W15!

Thanks very much for pointing this out, TravisB13! Indeed, Amy isn't a native Spanish speaker. That course description is a template used in all of our review lessons, and unfortunately it looks as though it wasn't edited to reflect Amy specifically. I will pass this on to have that fixed.

¡Muchas gracias otra vez!


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