Leader board request


I really enjoy the leader board and seeing how my study habits compare to others and sometimes I find myself studying a little longer than I want jut to put me in a better location.  However when I look at my rankings on the leader board it is comparing me with all languages.  While it is amazing that I can be in the top 15 of everyone I am more concerned with how I rank with those in my chosen language of espanol. Is there a way I can change my settings to reflect my rankings in Spanish on my leader board rather than everyones language in the world?  If not are there others who would like to compare themselves with just their target language or do they like it the way it is.  I am curious to see the responses


The window should normally default to just your target language. If not, there is a pull down menu to the right of the screen under "Leaderboard" where you can select the desired filter.


thank you I will try and change it

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