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I have seen a number of reviews in which people complain about the longer sentences near the end of the Hear It! Say It! exercises -- namely that they are too long to remember. However... I would like to say that I appreciate these longer sentences and find them helpful. 
  1. These longer sentences do challenge memory. And you can be sure that, at 74, I have trouble with them, too. But I think that is good! (See my next bullet.) In any case, if people can't remember them, they can always click the "Reveal" button.  It's only the last 10 or so that get noticeably longer.
  2. I have found that if I concentrate on the meaning of what is being said, rather than the individual words, then I don't have to remember every word. It's easier to remember the meaning of the sentence (and just some of the individual words),  and then repeat the corresponding Spanish.  After all, isn't grasping the meaning of the sentence what we really want to be learning? Early on, I had a bit more trouble with it. But as my understanding of Spanish has improved, it has become easier, although the sentences can still be challenging. But, again, that is a good thing. It forces me to focus on meaning.
I suspect that forcing us to focus on meaning, instead of individual words, is precisely the purpose of presenting us with the longer sentences.


I couldn't agree more. Each time I go through the course, I try to say a bigger and bigger chunks of the dialogue - always concentrating on the meaning of what I'm saying. Now I'm up to trying to say the entire lesson's dialogue in one shot as naturally as I can. It's the hardest part of my daily Spanish "routine" but I think it's the most beneficial.


¡Hola Tomás71 y Steven-W15!

Thanks very much for providing us with your feedback on this. We really appreciate your taking the time, and I'm sure that your tips will prove useful for other users too!



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