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Lesson 13.1: Weremos instead of Seremos??




Everywhere in Lesson 13.1 that "seremos" is supposed to appear, it appears as "weremos" instead. (A typographical error I suppose?). This makes it impossible to get any of the pronunciation exercises correct. On the spoken exercises, "seremos" doesn't work. Neither does "weremos" (and, of course, it shouldn't). I don't know what the exercises are expecting for an answer, because I haven't discovered one that works. On the "Know It" exercise, if I click on REVEAL, it shows "weremos", but again no spoken word that I've tried seems to be recognized as correct. I don't remember if I encountered an issue in the "Write It" exercise or not.

It's a small issue, but you may want to put the correction on your "to do" list.
marieg-rocket languages

marieg-rocket languages

Hi Tomás71, 

Thank you for spotting the error; we've gone ahead and made the corrections in the spelling and the recording feature. 

Kind Regards!

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