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I have recently started rocket Spanish and am currently at module 4 of Premium Level 1.  I previously knew quite a bit of Spanish, but am very out of practice and wanted to shape up before my trip to Bolivia at the end of the year.  I wanted to know how people generally progressed through the lessons?  How many times you generally repeat each lessons or how you decide which ones to repeat? Currently I just have been completing each lesson and continuing on to the next lesson but I feel that spending a longer time on each lesson would help me retain the specific new phrases learnt easier.


Once I am fairly comfortable with the content of each lesson (inasmuch as I understand the concepts, can understand the conversations easily, and am content with my pronunciation), I move on to the next lesson.  I try not to get stuck on one lesson for too long.  
The lessons progress nicely, and they use A LOT of what you're  learning  "today" in "tomorrow's" lesson.  
(I have made it through all the lessons in all three levels, and I'm now about halfway through the Travelogue now.  When I finish it, I will go back and start again.)  


Rebecca, I usually listened to the dialogue 3 times before completing the lesson.  But that means it took me 3-4 days for a lesson at times.  One advantage of RS is that it is at your own pace.  Find what's comfortable to you.  If it seems like you're just doing the same thing over and over and are bogged down, then speed up the pace.  If you feel like you are receiving new information faster than you can assimilate it, then slow down.  It's kind of a general answer I'm giving, but if you're comfortable with your pace then stick with it.


By the way, I hope you enjoy your trip to Bolivia.  What part of the country will you be in?


Thank you very much for your responses!  I have really been enjoying the flexibility of the course thus far.

I will be undergoing an internship in La Paz for eight weeks, and then travelling Peru for just over two weeks.  Looking forward to it very much.


I love La Paz.  I'm hoping to get back there with my wife soon.  Right now we live in Arequipa, Peru.  So, if you are in Arequipa, maybe we can buy lunch sometime.  We'll go eat cuy (guinea pig) or something tradicional.  :D

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