Level 1 transcript


The Module 8 role playing audios do not make sense without a transcript of the conversation. Although the transcript is referred to in the lessons, I do not see a link for the full transcript in module 8. Please advise. 

To be clear, I say it makes no sense without a transcript because, for example, if Amy starts a conversation after the beep, and we are playing Amy, we have no idea how the conversation is supposed to start.

What would be nice is to have a separate, English-only, transcript to go at least with the role we play. For example, when role-playing Amy, it would be nice to have her part in English. The Mauricio part could be in Spanish or English. 

In any case, currently, I see only transcripts for the individual lessons, no specific transcript that includes them all. If no transcript is provided, the last two lessons of the level are useless as far as I am concerned. Perhaps other students may chime in with suggestions on how they used them successfully. Thanks in advance.


¡Hola Fg109!

Thank you very much for your feedback!

Unfortunately, I'm afraid that as you've noted, the transcripts are only currently available in the individual lessons earlier in the course. There is currently no transcript available for Module 8 specifically. However, a Module 8 transcript would undoubtedly be useful; I have noted your comments and passed them on to our product development team to see what we can do.

Muchas gracias otra vez.



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